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This is my secret hiding place where I keep my most crazy and sensual secrets. "You will stay with the intrigue"

Free Show Date: Jul 16th @ 11:45am EDT
hello guys this messages is for the members of my fansclub and those who are not registered I make a cordial invitation to be part of me.
the day 30 -07-19 at 10Pm will start the free show only for members will have a duration of 1 - 2 hours I hope your company so we can have fun together
Goodnight Date: Jul 1st @ 9:23pm EDT
good night guys

I hope you have a great chiscos night. that this week is full of blessings for you, this is to apologize for all heart of truth, today I got a little afternoon and I can not go online and the video of my fansclub that I have to upload today will take a little time but I promise you tomorrow to catch up with you really, I hope you can excuse me
Happy Week Date: Apr 17th @ 3:02pm EDT
good morning my followers

I hope this Easter is pleasant for each and every one of you full of personal reflection. in addition to changes in their lives for the better.
I will do the same thing, I will leave vactions if you want to accompany me, I will be uploading content on my social networks for all of you. I will be online until the day of Hyoy on Holy Thursday and Holy Friday I will be offline I will be back on Saturday 4/17/19 for all of you I hope to see you,
Hello Guys Date: Dec 31st @ 11:50pm EST
HAPPY NEW YEAR Date: Dec 31st @ 11:44pm EST
Hello to all my followers, thank you very much for this incredible year where we have shared moments full of joys and a lot of pleasure. I will be on vacation some days I will try to be back soon and bring some good stories, photos and videos I have the flirt4phone activated all the time
Well, I'll let you foresee my luck.
Snapchat Date: Dec 16th @ 5:18pm EST
Gratitude Date: Dec 16th @ 5:16pm EST
I am very happy thanks to your support and your constant gifts I will spend a nice December. the great days are approaching like Christmas and my birthdays and I hope to continue with your support
  I also bring you a great news I bring you new super hot photos with the theme of birthday I hope you enjoy them soon I will publish them in my profile. but the most SUPER HOT will be uploaded to my Snapchat only for my FansClub if you want to be one of the first to see them enter and have part of me and my family

At2: Criss
news of the day Date: Dec 12th @ 3:39pm EST
hello to all my followers, friends and lovers who day after day come to me to share time with me I want to wish you a nice day
I want to remind you that you are invited to my birthday party each and every one of you will do some contests for you and see how much you know me with prizes like: discounts on private shows, fan club memberships for 10 - 15 and 20 days ( remember that the members of my FansClub have the right to a free show at the end of the month) for those who are awakened lol my birthday is December 30
see you guys
Happy Monday Date: Dec 10th @ 2:40pm EST
happy weekend I want to give you a pleasant and fruitful rest of the week because of the pleasant and hot I will charge me LOL.
Thank you for visiting me
Soon I will have a pleasant surprise, I come with new photos and some exclusive videos.
Promotion Date: Nov 12th @ 4:47pm EST

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